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Auckland News Online
News items from the Auckland area.

Castlecliff News & Events
Takes you to the Castlecliff news facebook group, where anyone can post.

Hawke's Bay Online
News etc from the Hawkes Bay area.

Katikati Area Online
News, chat, trade, events etc for the Katikati area.

Nationwide News Online
News from all over NZ - and beyond.

Rotorua Online
News etc from the Rotorua area.

South Island News Online
News items from the whole South Island.

Tauranga Area (BOP) News Online
News items from the area around Tauranga & BOP.

Tokoroa Online
A general news, chat, buy, sell, etc group for the Tokoroa area.

Wellington Online
News items, chat, trading in the Wellington area.

Whanganui News Online
News items from the Whanganui area.

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Blockhedz - Buy Sell Swap Brag
A group for Blockhedz collectors.

Christchurch (NZ) Buy Sell & Free Stuff
A buy sell group for the Christchurch area.

Electronics NZ
A specialist group to buy sell electronics gear NZ wide.

Palmerston North Buy Sell & Free Stuff
A Buy Sell site for the Pamerston North area.

Sell Your Gear Here
NZ wide buy/sell site.

Tauranga Buy Sell & Free Stuff
A buy/sell group for Tauranga area residents.

Tauranga Papamoa Freebies Sales & Exchanges
Like the title says, buy, sell, free, exchange.

Wellington Online
Wellington area News, Chat, trading etc.

Whanganui Buy Sell & Free Stuff
A facebook BUY/SELL/TRADE group for the Whanganui area.

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Castlecliff Computer Museum
Group for the proposed computer museum.

Castlecliff Nostalgia Radio - 107 fm
A low power FM Station in Castlecliff, Whanganui. Was on 107.5 Now on 107 FM. Nostalgia Radio.

Castlecliff, the Seaside Suburb
A facebook group to promote the much maligned seaside suburb. Pics etc.

Castlecliff Sunday Market
Facebook group for the Market held every fine Sunday at Castlecliff, Whanganui

Cellphone and Internet Directory of NZ
A link page, taking you to the directory database itself.

Community Event Services
Services and support for Whanganui non-profit groups who can't afford the usually high cost of hiring equipment for running events.

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Countdown All Blacks
Collectables site for All Black figures. Please use Collectable Items NZ now.

Collectable Items NZ
A group combining all the other various collectable groups..

Countdown Domino Stars
Countdown Domino Collectables site. Please use Collectable Items NZ instead.

NZ Painted Rock Hunters
Like pretty painted rocks? Here ya go.

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Country Life NZ - On The Land
Farm, Country, lifestyle topics page.

DC++ Direct Connect Support
Help and support for the Direct Connect network of world hubs..

Facegroups Directory NZ
A directory of known NZ facebook groups and pages, as added by Group owners.

Farewell to Ted
Memorial page to Ted Benfell, well known at P&S and Castlecliff.

Findit - the NZ Cellphone Directory
A free-to-use directory of cellphone numbers in NZ. Online only.

An adult fun/humour site. Crudity abounds. R18.

Hot Rods Bikes N Girls
Worldwide site for those who fancy hot rods, bikes and girls.

Kiwi's First Party
Kiwi's First Party of NZ, also known as People First Party.

People First Party of NZ
Site for the People First party. People come first, not profits.

Recycle It. Whanganui Area
Recycle your unwanted, but still usable goods.

Santa's Mail Box
Leave a message for Santa, so 'He' (or 'She') knows what you'd like.

Scammers and Dodgy Dealers
A list of person suspected of rip-offs etc.

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Tauranga Events
Coming evenvts and results from Tauranga Area activities.

Whanganui Events
A facebook group for posting local news, coming events, results, opinions etc.

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Tauranga History Online
Pictures and memories of Tauranga's history..

Whanganui History Online
Whanganui area History online, pics and memories.

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Tauranga Weddings
Anything to do with weddings in the Tauranga area..

Whanganui Dating
Dating site for the Whanganui area.

Whanganui Weddings
Facebook group for wedding related matters in the Whanganui area.

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